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Proven Solutions For All Your Production Accounting Needs

PRAMSplus is a full featured oil & gas production management and reporting solution helping solve the data management challenges faced by oil & gas operators.

At PRAMSplus we believe you should "Manage what you Measure", not spend time managing your software package. This philosophy drives on-going development and ensures that your investment results in the maximum return. Easy access to daily and historical production data in a consistent and technologically secure manner is what we are all about.

Characterized by single point data entry and intuitive user interfaces and processing, PRAMSplus enables you to focus on analyzing production trends instead of focusing on gathering production data.

Monthly Production Accounting & Reporting
Accurate, flexible and consistent reporting of production volumes and dispositions are paramount to any efficiently run operation. Our PRAMSanalyst suite is simple and easy to use.
Daily Data Capture
Simple, flexible and easy to use gauge sheet style interface with multiple synchonization capabilites. PRAMSpumperXL was designed by pumpers for pumpers.
Regulatory Reporting
Producing accurate and timely regulatory reports is simple and easy with PRAMSplus. Each state/agency has it's own module that addresses it's unique requirements while sharing a standard streamlined interface, generating reports in both EDI and paper formats.
Powerful Data Reporting & Charting
Production data has value throughout an oil and gas organization. PRAMSinsight allows anyone in your organization the ability to extract the data they want when they need it.
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