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PRAMSplus Licensing

The software license is our agreement to and commitment with our clients. Our software license and support agreement are an extension of the following beliefs:

  • The data is yours and should be available to every user
  • Users should be encouraged to tell us there is a better way
  • Our relationship with clients must continually be earned

The resulting licensing highlights:

Unlimited User Licensing: Our standard license is a non-exclusive perpetual unlimited license. No user restrictions, deploy to as many people as you choose in your organization.

Support: Software assistance and phone support is covered under the standard support agreement. Since users do not have to worry about additional charges for routine support, they are comfortable asking questions which results in learning by both the client and us.

Nominal License Fee: Our pricing policy is characterized by a nominal up front license which includes the implementation and training. We are investing in a relationship that if we perform will be long term and mutually beneficial.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more.