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Monthly Production & Reporting

Accurate, flexible and consistent reporting of production volumes and dispositions are paramount to any efficiently run operation. Volumes are required for production monitoring and performance, reserve modeling, revenue calculations/comparisons, expense allocations, regulatory reporting and many more processes. In short, your production software solution is an integral organizational component. Understanding this importance has and will continue to drive the design and development of PRAMSanalyst, the primary user interface. In Analyst the user finalizes the monthly production dispositions and performs the internal and external regulatory reporting.


  • Set up and maintenance of wells, products and tanks
  • Definition of pumper routes
  • Daily entry of production data
  • Monthly entry of production data
  • Allocation of daily production data
  • Allocation of monthly production data
  • Corrections for monthly production data
  • Creation of in-house reports
  • Creation of regulatory reports, including accompanying data sets
  • Set up and maintenance of system users and access rights
  • Ability to capture oil/water gauges (colorcut) to calculate production.

Daily Data Capture & Management >>