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Proven Solutions For All Your Production Accounting Needs

Keeping up with monthly production and regulatory reporting needs is just one of the problems facing production departments today. Other departments rely on accurate and efficient collection of production data to accomplish there needs as well. Your companies production data can and should be utilized by all parts of a successful oil & gas organization. To meet these needs we have developed a full suite of processes that makes your production data available to accountants, geologists, management and outside partners to get the information they want when they want it.

Acquiring and managing production information forms the core of the PRAMSplus system, but we don't stop there. A full suite of processes are available to handle everything from automated imports and exports, integrating with SCADA systems and daily field capture tools with multiple methods of transferring data to the home office. Finally, all this information is made available to any user in your company through an easy to use reporting tool.

Characterized by single point data entry and intuitive user interfaces and processing, PRAMSplus enables you to focus on analyzing production trends instead of focusing on gathering and reporting production data.

Monthly Production Accounting & Reporting

The core of the PRAMSplus system are the monthly production and reporting processes known as PRAMSanalyst. Making things simple and easy is the hallmark that PRAMSplus has become known for and that has been incorporated in these processes for the last 25 years.
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Daily Data Capture & Management

Our state of the art daily data capture module was designed by analysts and pumpers to allow simple but robust entry of daily data either in the office or out in the field in a comfortable gauge sheet style interface. We also provide several methods to allow pumpers in the field get the data they capture back to the main office. Daily data is also integrated into the monthly production processes, minimizing the amount of effort to complete your monthly entry.
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Regulatory Reporting

The pain of filing your monthly regulatory reports disappears when you use our regulatory reporting modules. A standard interface for each agency makes generating reports in both paper and EDI formats as easy as clicking a few buttons.
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Data Reporting & Charting

Production data has value throughout the organization. Our answer to this is PRAMSinsight, which is included in the core PRAMSanalyst package but can also be installed stand alone for any user who has a need to access production data. Well information, daily data and charts, monthly data and charts, gauge reports and other specialized reporting tools are part of this amazing software.
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Automated Imports/Exports & SCADA Integration

In today's world, much of the production information exists in a variety of other systems, either in house or from an outside vendor. To effectively use this data we have developed PRAMSscheduler to manage these processes. Whether you require a daily import of production from a SCADA system or monthly import of gas statement data PRAMSscheduler is up to the task.
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Environmental Reporting

The basis for many of the environmental reporting requirements is your production data. Because of this, meeting these needs is easier if you let the system do the work instead of spending weeks working with spreadsheets.
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